Casa Incubo by Maria Jose Trejos Made Using Shipping Containers

Architect Maria Jose Trejos has successfully designed a home constructed from eight large shipping containers, which she has named, “Casa Incubo.” A central, two-story component serves as a home base connecting the eight reusable containers, which measure 40′ high. “Casa Incubo” doubles as both a home and workspace, with the first level comfortably accommodating the needs of either an office environment, or social area; private rooms and studies on the the second level, and the third level hosting an open floor terrace.

The home’s external bamboo skin consists of mobile panels that protects the dwelling from solar radiation. Finally, “Casa Incubo’s” shape bolsters air ventilation due to its erect, central component, which also negates the need for air conditioning. A polished roof on the western front attracts natural lighting, dismissing the need for electrical lighting during the day. Check out the gallery above for a closer look at the establishment and share your thoughts with us below.

the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-1 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-12 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-2 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-4 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-9 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-5 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-6 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-13 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-14 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-7 the-shipping-container-constructed-casa-incubo-by-maria-jose-trejos-10