Awesome Underwater Pictures by UPY Photographer of the Year Winner, Finalists

The UK Underwater Photographer of the Year contest had recently found a winner and one thing we can say is the winning pictures are just amazing.

This contest was originally created to celebrate photography talent oh individuals in the underwater picture field.

The variety of landscapes can go from swimming pools to lakes to the sea the photograph have only to be taken underwater.

Aside from the main award, the competition contain 10 other mini categories such as Wide angle photography, behavior, Macro and Wreck photography.

This year Underwater Photographer of the Year is Gabriel Barathieu, with his “Dancing Octopus”. The British Underwater Photographer of the Year,which is different from the previous one, was awarded to Nick Blake with his freshwater sinkhole photo entitled “Out Of The Blue”. The Most Promising British Underwater Photographer of the Year went to Nicholai Georgiou for his “Orca Pod” taken in northern Norway.Horacio Martinez was named Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year with his white tip shark portrait in Egypt.


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