Airtame 2 Helps you Connect all Kind of Displays Without Cables

Sometimes having to use multiple displays can be a hassle because of cable management. The best example is for me when I have to switch between my monitor and TV for using my PS4 or watching movies. Hopefully you can now connect displays wirelessly.

Airtame 2 is an essential wireless screen sharing product for business & education environments. You can connect any computer or mobile to a screen or projector, plus showcase personalized digital signage when not actively presenting.

The Device allows you to connect to your phone, tablet, computer wirelessly to the dongle and stream content directly to your TV. It’s a fantastic way to make use of TVs around your house to extend your experience. So instead of being limited to watching Netflix or BBC iPlayer on your small mobile device screen, you can have it stream to your TV, essentially turning almost any TV into a smart TV.

This can be achieved with the help of wireless hdmi technology. If you feel hyped about the product you can find pictures and introduction video below.

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